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  Layon Gray




that is captivating audiences with each and every play he writes. Layon has spent more than two decades writing, directing and developing stage plays and films that reflect a wide array of African-American cultural movements, creating new paradigms for the stage and motion picture industry. Since founding Layon Gray Enterprises, He has guided the company’s growth from a privately held theatre company to one of the entertainment industry’s leading independent companies and a veritable theatre box office force. Focusing on creating conversational dialogue in his works, Layon continues to make his mark in traditional African-American theater. 



Gray quickly ascended as one of Los Angeles’ premiere playwrights earning more than 60 nomination and awards for his works since 2000. Among the honors are 2012 NYC Inspire Award, 2012, Al Sharpton Man of Vision Award, 2012 PCTF Award (Best Director) 2010 NY AUDELCO Award (Achievement Award for Excellence); 2009 NAACP Award (Best Ensemble Award); 2009 Hollywood ADA Award (Best Ensemble Award); 2008 MATCHLIFE Artist of the Year; 2007 NAACP Award (Best Producer, Best Play); 2007 MITF Award (Best Play, Best Writer, Best Director, Best Producer); 2006 NAACP Award (Best Play); 2005 Hollywood ADA Award (Best Play); 2004. Hollywood ADA Award (Best Play, Best Writer, Best Director); and 2003 Los Angeles MADDY Award (Best Play, Best Writer, Best Director, Best Ensemble.


Layon has also directed award winning plays such as:

A Raisin In The Sun

A Soldiers Play

The Crucible

Steel Magnolias 

Before it Hits Home

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf

Miss Evers Boys


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